Solar Star DIY Standard Film


It’s easy! You measure each window pane. We Cut it, and ship it to you. You install it, following our easy instructions and Your Home, Apartment, or Business is instantly cooler!

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The Solar Star Standard Film is a sputtered neutral, privacy window film, with a very soft solar gray color. Our Standard film provides a great natural aesthetic, enhanced privacy, exceptional heat rejection, and glare control offering a low reflectivity option for your home *apartment or business. Designed to provide maximum comfort and privacy, decreases overall energy costs and improves HVAC efficiency.

TERMS: All Pre-Cut Products are final sale. Please be sure to measure each window pane and label accordingly when ordering to ensure proper fit and effortless install. It is also advised that you thoroughly clean all windows prior to installation. Cold air may prolong drying and cause tiny air bubbles be careful not to damage the tint trying to remove them. Most bubbles will dissipate when the film fully dries.


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